My Website

Major breakthroughs on the site this evening.

I’m using the Branford Magazine theme for WordPress. And what’s especially great about this world is that both the theme and the software are free. But then you have to figure out how to use them.

The Branford theme requires a little more CSS & .php tinkering than less interesting themes.

My stories kept repeating on the frontpage: I would categorize a story as News, Featured, and Politics, for instance, and it would show up three times under each of those categories.

I finally found a fix on the theme’s support site, where the designer, Michael Oeser, answers questions (also for free — but he may limit that to reasonable questions), and it involved a big copy/paste of .php code into the index file. And it wasn’t working. It took me a while to figure out that I was copying open-close quote marks but my .php file required straight quotes, for whatever reason.

Then the square pictures weren’t showing up and I realized that some goofy things seem to happen when you copy/paste code. Maybe I should have pasted it into a simple text editor and then copied it from there. But I didn’t. I just retyped all the code that I don’t understand and did a little more copy/pasting for reasons I don’t understand, and then — it worked!

I don’t know why it’s free or why it didn’t work or why it does now. I’m just plodding around this planet like everyone else.

Searching through the support site, I noticed a question about the size of the frontpage tabbed area and learned how to fix that to make it look nicer, too.

I also think I’ll be able to fix the video tab (tomorrow or some other day), and then I’ll add sidebar material (but I don’t know what to put on the sidebar) and then the About page, and then I’ll be done.

It’s a little bit of a pain entering stories because I have to do all this photo stuff (and find public domain photos) and add the logos and remove the automatic borders from the logos, etc. But the images really make it much better, I think, so I’ll see if I can endure.

And while I can’t imagine this post being interesting to anyone, I sort of like it that way. I like knowing that my friends won’t be reading my blog. Maybe I’ll make it a technology blog.