Thoughtful Iran Deal Critiques

I shot and edited this video of Max Blumenthal interviewing attendees of a Sept. 9 rally against the Iran deal. Headliners included Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck (who I was surprised to learn called Palin a clown the very next day. “Sarah Palin is a clown” is the exact quote from his radio show).

We are using a 20th-century standard-definition mini-DV camera because we know it, I kind of like the color/effect it makes and, mostly, it’s our best option at the moment. The digital SLR at my disposal lacks the stabilization for so much moving around and would require separate audio — a pain plus more equipment. The high-def video camera we sometimes use is stuck several states away.

Because we had to capture our video from tape via firewire, which present-day computers don’t support, putting this together took too long and we missed the initial news window. Maybe the window for it will open again in the coming week.

We filmed all the same people all the other news outlets did, though some outlets also got “those Code Pink and those Jewish guys over there,” as Captain America described the pro-deal demonstrators in our video.  I was thinking of interviewing the pro-deal opposition, but we didn’t get to it, which was fine by me. It wasn’t a “balanced” event or crowd, and I don’t think our video gives the impression that the views within it are consensus.

Compared to the competition, I like ours because Max’s questioning takes the soundbites a step further, which leads to surprising places, like a call for the legal execution of President Obama for treason. Facts are one thing, but even just accepting those, simply sussing out the logical implications of some of these theories and opinions is revealing and journalistically worthwhile — responsible, even.

You can see our video at The Real News Network here or embedded below. Enjoy.