Current Projects

Short Documentary

I’m working on a documentary about a guy who accidentally photographed a meteorite streaking through the sky, and took it as a sign that he should change the focus of his life. Here’s the trailer.


I write and edit for various NASA publications, usually for general audiences. My articles have focused on small satellites and deep space propulsions and power systems, as well as how the agency’s technology and research reach consumers here on Earth.


I have a baby. Wow.

Recent Projects

Movie about Gaza

I edited a rough draft and otherwise helped (fundraising and post-production logistics) with Killing Gaza, a documentary feature about the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza and its aftermath. Here’s a little piece I posted about it on this site.

Docs in Progress Fellowship

I was a 2016 fellow at Docs in Progress, where I learned about documentary filmmaking and local resources and projects.

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